Typical values KCP ANTHRAZIT

  • KCP ANTHRAZIERT garantiert eine gleichbleibende Qualiät für den zuverlässigen Einsatz im Kohlekessel
  • KCP gewährleistet eine gleichbleibende Anthrazit Qualität
  • KCP gewährleistet eine gleichbleibende Anthrazit Qualität
  • KCP gewährleistet eine gleichbleibende Anthrazit Qualität

The different anthracite coal varieties that used offer a high calorific value, low ash and low sulphur content.

Excellent heating properties are the result.

Preparation and permanent quality control guarantee a superior quality product at the production location in Ladbergen.

Typical values, anhydrous


in dry


volatile matter


calorific Value
2,0 – 4,0 %

ca. 1,0 %

3,0 – 5,0 %

4,5 – 5,0 %

0,4 – 0,6 %

33.000 KJ/kg
7.800 kcal/kg

bulk density

grain size

800 kg/m3

8 – 16mm (anthracite nut 5)


Anthracite coal is the highest grade of hard coal. A product of nature, that has developed over many years, under high pressure and without atmospheric oxygen, mostly from swamp plants to densified wood / carbon while sulphur and nitrates are almost removed. This coalification process impelled through fungi and bacteria starts with the transformation of dead plants to peat or lignite. During the further transformation process it is formed meta-lignite or anthracite coal denpending on duration, temperature and pressure.

The proportion of volatile matters, which is blown out gaseousely and vaporousely by heating up the coal under hermetical sealing, delivers the most important property of the coal in order to differenciate it from other grades. Concerning water and ash-free coals following distinctive marks by volatiles are made:

anthracite coal < 10%
low-volatile bituminous coal 10% – 14%
forge coal 14% – 20%
bituminous coal 20% – 30%
gas coal 30% – 35%
high-volatile bituminous coal 35% – 40%
flaming coal 40% – 45%
lignite 45% – 65%

The combustion of anthracite coal therefore is more environmentally friendly as e.g. lignite and has the best exhaust emissions compared to all other grades of coal. Anthracite contains the highest energy density and differs significantly in its property from other grades.

KCP ANTHRAZIT has grain size 8-16mm / nut 5 and thanks to its low matters of sulphur, volatiles and ash in comparison to other anthracite grades it is suitable for the retort type firing of 50kW up to the use in the big boiler systems e.g. in a horticulture company (e.g. with 1.000 kW boiler) or combined heat and power plant. Burn performance and energy stability of KCP ANTHRAZIT is constantly ensured even if it is long-lasting stored as well its consistent oxidation is always guaranteed.