Own coal boiler for processing plant

KCP Anthrazit Nuss 5 Omnical Heizkessel Glutbett

In the processing plant on the industrial site of KCP Kehrbaum Carbon Prozess GmbH & Co. KG an own coal heating system is used not only to test and trial purposes. The Omnical coal boiler has a heat output of 850 KW. On the one hand the heat is used to dry the anthracite. Warm […]

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Anthrazitkohleveredler mit Zukunft

Ein Bericht vom Wirtschaftsforum

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Preserver of a special tradition

Kehrbaum Carbon Prozess - Drehrohr Trocknungsanlage

International Trade News display: KCP produces injection coal, alloy coal, dried coke and anthracite for iron and steel processing firms and related industries in the whole of Europe. The company was founded by Rainer and Angelika Kehrbaum in Ibbenbüren in 1992 and relocated to Ladbergen in 2009, at a strategically favourite location. “From here we […]

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