Own coal boiler for processing plant

In the processing plant on the industrial site of KCP Kehrbaum Carbon Prozess GmbH & Co. KG an own coal heating system is used not only to test and trial purposes. The Omnical coal boiler has a heat output of 850 KW. On the one hand the heat is used to dry the anthracite.

Warm air is drawn by vacuum using a 600 kW heat exchanger via a belt dryer. The previously washed and screened anthracite coal is thus heated to about 80 degrees Celsius. In addition, the coal is circulated by bucket elevator what ensures optimal drying of the anthracite. The aim of this process is that particularly the target grain 8-16mm, the core product Anthracite Nut 5 gets an optimal moisture content. This ideally is 2-4%.

On one hand, the boiler room and bunker installations of consumers are protected. On the other hand, the customer is not supplied with unnecessary water content and does not have to pay for. The calorific value of 7,800 kcal/kg is a corresponding quality criterion of KCP Anthracite Nut 5. On the other hand, the moisture should not be less than two percent otherwise it comes to environmental and emission pollution by dust during loading at the processing plant or by discharging at the end consumer (such as nursery / market garden / thermal power station / private household / municipal institution).

The excess heat from the coal boiler up to 250 KW is used for the processing plant at KCP works II in order to run the plants (washing, sieving, conveyors and hoppers etc.) safely and frost-free even in freezing temperatures. To ensure a clean size grain size 8-16mm, we have two ways for the loading of Anthracite Nut 5. Either the customer gets fresh material directly from the conveyor belt from the processing plant or out of the bunker from pre-produced stocks. As far as already stored Anthracite Nut 5 is to be loaded each ton will be prescreened again. During each loading reference samples are taken in accordance with DIN 9001. Thus, the quality standards are always met, an elemental feature of KCP Anthracite Nut 5.