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Managing Partner Rainer Kehrbaum

KCP produces injection coal, alloy coal, dried coke and anthracite for iron and steel processing firms and related industries in the whole of Europe. The company was founded by Rainer and Angelika Kehrbaum in Ibbenbüren in 1992 and relocated to Ladbergen in 2009, at a strategically favourite location. “From here we can reach every place in Germany and the neighbouring countries by road or waterway within the shortest time,” explains Managing Partner Mr. Kehrbaum. KCP currently ships 25% of its products abroad. Main export markets are the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia. The company employs 35 people and has annual sales of 12 to 15 million EUR. KCP has 30,000 m2 of modern processing space with an annual production capacity of 90,000 t. The plant uses petroleum coke calcinate, a by-product from refining, as raw material. The strong points of KCP are its superior technological know-how, the consistent quality of its products as well as quick decision-making, enabling the company to meet individual customer requirements in a very flexible way. “Our portfolio also includes dry and environmentally compatible storage, packaging in Big Bags or sacks and the transport in silo trucks, walking-floor vehicles, dumpers, containers or inland water vessel,”

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KCP is outfitted with high-tech processing equipment to meet even the most special customer requirements

states Mr. Kehrbaum. In addition to the iron and steel industry – the focus of KCP – the company supplies manufacturers of electrodes, foundries, lime works and the heating market. The broad customer range leads to an excellent distribution of risk. The products supplied by KCP are used as an energy source in steel manufacturing, as a carbon carrier in steel refining, as an additive or substitute for diverse industrial processes and as reducing carbon in the chemical industry. Besides KCP, there are only a small number of other suppliers of industrial coal in Germany. “We are a specialist keeping up an old tradition,” says Mr. Kehrbaum. KCP is not only committed to preserving this tradition; the company also wants to grow it further. The construction of a second processing plant for anthracite was completed this summer. “The new facility will have an annual capacity of 400,000 t,” explains Mr. Kehrbaum. “This means our total capacity will grow more than five times.”

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The broad customer portfolio enables an excellent
distribution of risk